Proudly operating since 1993, Eurovintage is a premier wine and spirits importer headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Importing the finest wines and spirits from all over the world, Eurovintage has cultivated a truly global network of suppliers in order to share the finest wines and spirits with the Ontario market. Involved in all aspects of brand positioning, sales and marketing, Eurovintage is an acknowledged leader in the development and growth of wines and spirits.

With a network of highly-trained, knowledgeable and motivated territory representatives, Eurovintage is able to target and develop any and all opportunities within the Ontario wine and spirits market. The Eurovintage team conducts industry training seminars and wine education presentations while ensuring that the needs of government, licensee and private clients are serviced courteously, professionally and in compliance with provincial legal regulations.

Eurovintage is able to offer its suppliers and clients accurate and up-to-date sales projections, analysis, trend monitoring, order placement, billing and back-end creative support and brand positioning. At the forefront of a specialized group of small, diverse and highly-motivated Ontario wine and spirit marketing companies, Eurovintage is dedicated to providing quality brands, effective representation and superior sales results.

See for yourself and discover the world in our wines.